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CATS! And the Weird Mind of TS Eliot | by Maggie Mae Fish

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So Cats was a weird movie, huh? Join me, Maggie Mae Fish (and my alternate cat personality), as I explore the weird origins of Cats in the poetry (and warped mind) of TS Eliot. FILM ANALYSIS videos from Maggie: Friends who contributed their lovely voices & other talents: Cody Johnston: @drmrcody / Lindsay Ellis: @thelindsayellis / Ian Danskin: @InnuendoStudios / Big Joel: @biggestjoel / Robert Evans: @IWriteOK / Princess Weekes: @WeekesPrincess / Jamie Loftus: @jamieloftusHELP / Sarah Z: @marysuewriter / Dan Arrows: @_DanArrows / LaRon Readus:...
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